Thursday, August 21, 2008

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Country Bob's Sauce Review

My husband is the cook around here. I can heat up and bake things that are frozen, but he's the one who can make up a recipe and whip something up in a heartbeat. So I asked him to help out on this review! He was very happy to oblige!

Here is what he has to say about Country Bob's Sauce:

Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is a sauce made by Country Bob Inc. of Centralia, IL. It is a brown tomato based sauce similar to brown steak sauces such as A1 steak sauce. Country Bob’s is available in most major grocery retail chains as well as online at

Country Bob’s, like most similar products, is packaged in a brown bottle. The bottle is plastic but designed to mimic brown glass. The company logo is embossed in the plastic. The bottle has a traditional pour top. The label is on a white background and features the logo and product name as well as suggesting foods to try the sauce with. A short “Country Bob’s Story” is located on the back.

Country Bob’s is a brown sauce, fairly opaque, which is very uniform in consistency. Small bits of spices can be seen when the sauce is spread thin. The sauce is viscous enough to adhere to foods, yet thin enough to pour easily.

Country Bob’s is a great deal sweeter than many other “steak sauces”. Underlying the sweetness is a vinegar taste and a hint of pepper. The sauce has a slight peppery aftertaste but is not hot or spicy. I tried the sauce with grilled pork chop, grilled hamburger, and grilled chicken. Country Bob’s goes excellent with grilled meat. Its sweet peppery flavor compliments the smoky flavor of grilled meat perfectly. As you might expect, Country Bob’s went great with the hamburger. It also was very good with pork. I was less impressed with it with chicken, as its flavor was a little heavy for chicken breast. The bottle suggests barbeque and, given Country Bob’s combination of flavors, it could compliment barbeque well. Overall, Country Bob’s is an excellent alternative to steak sauces produced by big companies. It has a unique flavor that is easy to love. Its sweetness makes it more versatile than comparative sauces. Whether you are grilling steaks or just fixing burgers, Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is a wonderful addition to your shopping cart and will certainly please at the dinner table.

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Thanks for this opportunity to review your product, Country Bob's!