Thursday, January 15, 2009

Website review: Inner City Business

When I was asked to review a new website on the scene, I was glad to do it, especially since I'm a new(er) blog on the scene! The website, Inner City Business offers a wide range of products that have been printed with various images. The site is separated into several distinct sections, all of which I will describe.

My first impression is that the site is clean and not overly cluttered or busy. But being the lady with ADD that I am, I believe that it might benefit from being ‘jazzed up a bit. The initial impression is improved upon as I visited the sections of the shop.

The first section of the site I visited is called Scripture Prints. Here visitors can shop for a wide variety of spiritual and Biblical-based products. My personal favorite items in this section are those printed with "The Shortcut".

Next is a section called Inner City Gifts. I suspect that this may become the flagship section of the store in time, though it has not been fully 'fleshed out' yet. I found many nice products here. My favorite is the "Joy product line, such as this mousepad.

The next section is called I Luv T-Shirts and Designs. Here are a great number of products featuring a wide array of prints. I was also impressed by the desire to serve the customer from this section. The site says,
“If you see a design that you like or desire and it is not immediately available as a finished product, email us. Tell us what you are looking for. If you need a particular size or color in a design, let us know. We will customize your order as quickly as possible and hopefully go beyond your expectations.”

This section contains several Obama related products, though my favorite item was a precious tee that says,"Man makes plans, God makes decisions!" This section truly has a little bit of everything!

The last section of the site is called Chaneltees. Again, it is not as full of products as some of the other sections, but have some pretty items that are more ‘girly’. I really like the Vortex product line!

In short, is a one stop shopping venue for lots of products that could be gifts or for personal use. Prices are comparable to other online shopping websites. I give it a thumbs up, and plan on going back and shopping soon!

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