Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review: Kung Zhu Pets

As the pictures show, both my sons and my "biggest boy" enjoyed playing with the huge box of Kung Zu toys and accessories that arrived like a Christmas gift on our porch!
The toys themselves require no assembly and are easy to use. The battle armor comes with two weapons that attach to the armor and slip on top of the Kung Zhu pet. The armor did not fit squarely on some of the pets, but was able to fit enough to allow the pet to move.

After getting the pets themselves put together, we started assembling the Battle Arena. In the Battle Arena, the Ninja armor was easier to flip over than the Delta Force armor. Because of this, the boys preferred to play with the Delta Force armor. The weapons did not attach well to either of the Ninja armors and fell off too easy. The four training ground kits gave the pet something to maneuver through similar to other Zhu Zhu Pet toys. The pets could not maneuver through them while wearing armor, but did so without. These can be attached to the arena. The entrance area to the arena stops the pet so weapons and armor could be applied. All of the training areas were easy to assemble and did not require decals. The area was easy to assemble and did not require decals.

The arena allows pets to enter and battle. The boys LOVED this part! We had Missile Launchers and a Dragon Hammer which could be mounted on the side of the arena and are activated by the pets. These accessories really added to the experience. The Missile Launcher and Dragon Hammer both come with a base so they can be used independent of the arena. The Missile Launcher and Dragon Hammer did not require any assembly. The boys used two Hamster Powered Battle Tanks that were pushed by the Hamsters on smooth surfaces. The tanks required very little assembly and were easy to use. Each tank featured different moving parts and/or launching missiles.

Overall, the Zhu Zhu Pets Kung Zhu sets are entertaining toys. They are designed to encourage more action-oriented children to play with Zhu Zhu Pets, and succeed in that area. The toys are exceptionally well built and very easy to assemble. The modular nature of the play set means it can be disassembled and stored and the ease in assembly means most children can put it together themselves or with a little adult supervision. The toys should not be used on carpet and should not be placed in a child’s hair because the wheels can tangle. There are plenty of clear warnings on the pets. The nature of the toys encourage collecting, so parents should be ready for a steady stream of requests for accessories and upgrades. Though they are military styled, there is little suggestion of actual violence in the toys.

What I didn't love: The Ninja armor upsets easier and the weapons fall off easier than the Delta Force armor, so conflicts can arise between children over the armor. When assembled, the arena and training areas take up a great deal of floor space--which with three children in a small three-bedroom house, is not easy to come by! Four training areas and the arena can be 10 feet long. The toys are rather noisy and have no volume control, which again becomes an issue in a smaller house with an infant.

Thanks again to Mom Select and Zhu Zhu Pets for the opportunity to review these toys!

Though I was provided with toys and accessories to review, the opinions stated in this review are my own. No monetary compensation was provided.

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