Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: Tommee Tippee Explora sippy cups

Before I even found out whether or not I would be chosen to review these sippy cups, I was intrigued: the product was touted as a favorite in England, and the name was certainly interesting! I can honestly say that I was NOT disappointed once the product arrived.

I received two Tommee Tippee Explora cups designed for 9 months + children. Since Robbie isn't quite old enough to try these out himself, I decided to!

My first impressions were great! The cups are brightly colored with ribbed sides for easier gripping. The sides are also covered with a more grasp-able material, almost a rubbery or a silicone feeling material. Another feature that I really like from first sight is the built in hygiene cap, complete with a little indentation for the cap to fit into when not in use. THIS tells me that Tommee Tippee is not only concerned about keeping the cup germ-free, but is also practical and inventive! The hygiene cap is securely fastened to the lid, which should make for a long life!

I put a drink in the cup and decided to try it out. However, I made one mistake: I didn't screw the lid all the way down! (Can you tell it has been a few years since I had to think about toddlers and sippy cups?!) Therefore, when I turned it upside down, it did leak around the lid seal. Once I remedied this, it was totally leak-free. The spout is designed so that no liquid even comes to the top. The spout is much softer than any I've seen previously. It only releases the liquid when pressure is put on it. I tried to 'gum' it to see how it worked, and yep! No liquid came out unless I actually bit down. Very impressive!

I also went to check out the Tommee Tippee website. It, too, is impressive! I love that the company produces products that promote and support breastfeeding mothers! The Explora product line is designed to have different products "from first sipping to grown up drinking".

On a fluke I put the cup up to Robbie's mouth one evening with some water in it as I was feeding him a little solid food. Lo and behold, he was able to drink out of it! So when the company says that their product make it easier to transition from bottle or breast to sippy cup, I believe them! This is definitely a product I'd recommend and will purchase in the future!

*I was given two Tommee Tippee sippy cups for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All opinions stated here are my own!*

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