Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review: Dei Fratelli products

Thanks to the Family Review Network, our family had the opportunity to try several Dei Fratelli brand products: two flavors of salsa, two flavors of pasta sauce, and pizza sauce. This is not a brand that we usually purchase, so it was a treat to get to try something new and different!

Dei Fratelli Salsa is notable for one feature that stands out immediately...fresh. The salsa has a very fresh tomato taste that is uncommon in bottled products. There is no hint of vinegar and no overcooked vegetables. The medium salsa has great flavor with just a hint of heat. The salsa focuses more on complex flavor combinations than on the straight jalapeno flavor of other brands. The medium hot is similar to the medium with more heat. It has a spicy kick but still does not overpower the flavor of the salsa. The black bean and corn salsa is truly a notable product. It is thicker and has a more robust flavor than the standard salsa. It has little heat but the thicker consistancy makes chip dipping easier.

Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce is “saucier” than the other products. It has a good flavor, but has trouble standing out from other pizza sauces. It is smooth and spreads well. It is thick enough to set on the crust and not run during baking.

Dei Fratelli Pasta Sauce, like the salsa, brings one immediate feature to light, that of fresh tomatoes. The sauce has an excellent flavor. It my be too chunky for some customers, but compares well to national “chunky style” sauces. The sauce heats well and is good both on and tossed with pasta. The sauce stands well on its on or can be combined with meat, cheese, or vegetables.

I would recommend Dei Fratelli salsa to anyone. It is obviously a premium product that stands head and shoulders above the competition. The salsa is good in recipes or just on chips. Enough variations of heat and flavor are available to suit any pallet. Dei Fratelli pasta sauce is an excellent product, just not as superior to its competitors as the salsa. Dei Fratelli pizza sauce is a very good product, but has trouble standing out when compared to similar products.

This post was written for Family Review Network & Dei Fratelli, who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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