Saturday, February 14, 2009

Review: Rascals and Routines Bedtime Safari

Rascals and Routines is a product line produced by Haydenburri Lane in a commitment to help preschoolers learn daily self-care routines in a fun manner.

The innovative way that this company promotes such activities as brushing teeth and going to bed certainly IS fun! My 5 year old was delighted with every portion of the set that I received to review. We received the “Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase” complete with 5 finger puppets, book, blanket with puppet pocket, and Bedtime Safari boardbook. Not only does this encourage healthy habits, but it also has provided endless hours of entertainment!

The 5 finger puppets are of Rascals and Routines 5 Ambassadors: Rory, the sleepy time tiger; Paige, the story time elephant; Chomper, the tooth-brushing crocodile; P.J., the pajama time bear; and Bubbles, the bath time hippo. Each ambassador encourages one part of the bedtime routine. The Bedtime Safari book expands upon the characters and why your preschooler needs that part of the routine.

I especially like the finger puppets and the blanket with the puppet pocket. Adam enjoys tucking each puppet into the pocket and telling them good night before snuggling up with the super-soft blanket. An additional ‘Cool’ feature is found in the suitcase: built in elastic holders for each finger puppet! We have also been able to put the suitcase to use for carrying toys and such to activities where Adam needs to entertain himself.

Haydenburri Lane
is currently offering several special deals! You can purchase the same item reviewed here, the “Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase”, for $29.95! Also available is the Bedtime Safari music collection for $3.95, which includes 5 songs! And how about a freebie?! If you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive a free music download! The website also features a section especially for parents, including a parent guide for the products.

I highly recommend Haydenburri Lane’s products for encouraging your young child to develop healthy bedtime routines!


CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

Aww, we love finger puppets at our house! These sound great!

Dirty Mouth Mama said...

Interesting idea. It seems like as long as the characters aren't of the major marketing hype, oh i meant type. lol. It could really work.

Found you through SITS! Keep posting..