Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Review: Yanni Voices CD

I had the opportunity to review the beautiful music of Yanni Voices thanks to One2One Network!

I first learned of Yanni Voices in a very Disney-esque production at Blissdom ’09, when we were introduced to the concept on both the huge screen and several plasma screen TVs. To say that we women were blown away was an understatement! We all loved the music and visuals, especially getting to see them in such a crisp, high definition manner. Add to it that the music shared was magnificent, and we were sold….but then, we got even MORE….Nathan and Ender were THERE in person! We got to learn more about them and the production, and if we weren’t already in love, both men credited their mothers with giving them much of the will and gifts with which they were able to share with us. Imagine my delight when a fellow attendee asked the men to sing Happy Birthday to another attendee who was celebrating that day…as was I! So they brought us both up and sang to BOTH of us! Ahhh, bliss! My husband showed no jealousy about this circumstance until he actually SAW Nathan and Ender on the bonus DVD!
Um, no honey, that isn't a look of adoration on my face....must have been the flash!

Anyway, back to the review!

The music is sublime on this CD! The four vocalists have unspeakable talent! Chloe’s soulful depth comes out best on “Kill Me with Your Love”, where her range is fully explored, and she gives life to the notes she sings. Ender’s passion especially shines through on “Desire”. Their duet on “Until the Last Moment” captured my heart. I am a sucker for beautiful harmony! I also like the harmonies explored on “Before the Night Ends”, where Leslie has almost an Enya-like sound, if I can compare her to another. The sensuality with which Leslie sings “The Keeper”, however, is entirely something different! Nathan’s rich baritone fills out “Adagio” much like a cello, and sounds so triumphant at the end of the piece! I also enjoyed “November Sky” and its upbeat style!

I really enjoy getting to see how much the artists put into the music on the DVD. It is a wonderful audio experience to listen to the CD, but with the DVD, you also get to see what fun and excitement the artists have for their music, which brings so much more to the experience!

I’d love to be able to see this on tour, but I doubt they’ll be coming close to me! But truly, if you have the opportunity, you need to GO! If not, do the next best thing and buy this awesome CD!

Go here to learn more about the tour, PBS specials, performers, CD, and more!

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