Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Review: Time4Learning.com

My 9 and almost 7 year old sons had the opportunity to interact on a fun website called Time for Learning. My younger son really enjoyed the time he spent on the site, and would even ask to get on the site when he had 'game time'. My 9 year old was a little less enthusiastic, but I do not believe it was for anything that the site did or did not offer; rather, he likes to spend his computer time watching old cartoons!

I really liked that the site offered not only reading and math, but also offered science and social studies lessons and activities as well. From my experience as a teacher, this is not as easy to come by. There are several good sites 'out there' that work on math and reading, but less on the also valuable and sometimes more thought provoking subjects of science and social studies. I also like that the lessons are correlated to state standards. Though this isn't really an issue right now, it would be a wonderful addition to preparing my older son for his Standards of Learning tests in the spring!

One option on Time for Learning that I really like is the option for parents to print progress reports. These can be printed or just viewed online. This is a great record keeping option, both for homeschoolers and for parents who like to see how their child is progressing. There are also learning guides and lesson plans to help parents make the most of the learning that their child is doing on the site. Also included is a parent forum where one can get feedback from other parents about what learning is progressing!

Even if a parent doesn't want to sign up for a subscription, Time for Learning offers a free newsletter that has plenty of education related information for you!

Time for Learning is ideal for both gifted students and those who may be struggling in school, since it builds on previous lessons. If your child needs more help in a certain area, the levels are independently set!

At a low monthly price, this is certainly more reasonable than taking your child to a private tutoring center, and can be done at your convenience! I suggest that you check it out!!

I was given a free month's access to Time for Learning to review. All opinions stated in this review are my own.

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