Friday, March 11, 2011

Control Car Clutter with the Kiddie Catch All!

Here's another product that has me saying,"How come I didn't think of that?!"

Introducing the Kiddie Catch-All!

Having recently re-entered the world of small toddler toys, I am starting to remember how frustrating it can be for my little one to not have toys or sippy cups available close by when he needs them, especially when his older brothers aren't in the car to help fetch said objects when Robbie drops them. The Kiddie Catch-All is perfect! It fits easily on the side of your child's car seat and is deep enough and has a wide enough opening to store all he or she needs within easy reach!

From the website:
Kiddie Catch-All™ is the perfect accessory for your car, truck or minivan! Fill it with books, toys, games, snacks, sippie cups...whatever your child wants is now right at their fingertips with the Kiddie Catch-All™. Never worry about picking things off the floor while driving again! And no more taking your eyes off the road! Keep your car organized, your family safe and your children occupied with the Kiddie Catch-All™.

We tried the Kiddie Catch-All out in my husband's car. We installed it on the side closest to the door, since both big boys also sometimes need to fit in the back seat with him. I was pleased to see that Robbie could reach it and the door handle cleared it, too! Perfect!

The website also is offering a buy one get one free offer, as well as a free bonus CD! Since Robbie has recently started dancing along to music, I'm sure we're going to get much use out of it, too!

These are not sold in stores, so to order one, visit the Kiddie Catch-All website! Thank you to Kiddie Catch-All and the Family Review Network for the opportunity to review this much-needed product!

I was provided with a product to review for this post. All statements and opinions are mine, unless otherwise stated.

Now if I could only get the big boys to control their clutter.....

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