Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Infantino Cloud Shopping Cart Cover

Once again, Infantino to the rescue! Just when I needed a shopping cart cover and/or a high chair cover to take with me when out and about, this great company introduced a quality product!

The Infantino Cloud has several great features. It is very washable and can also be wiped off. It is designed to be used as a shopping cart cover, and as a high chair cover. Not only that, it is designed to cover both smaller, backless high chairs and taller ones as well. It has its own safety strap, too...but my favorite feature are the toy loops to which I can attach toys! This keeps Robbie from playing his favorite game of late: drop-it-so-mommy-has-to-retrieve-it! You remember that game, right?!

We have tried the Infantino Cloud out at several restaurants, and it not only kept him from having access to touch and mouth the materials that other children had touched, it also kept him occupied and comfortable while we were waiting for our meal. We haven't yet had the opportunity to take it out shopping with us, but I have no doubts that it will help out in that capacity as well!

The only drawback I might see would be that it has a light colored background, making it a necessity to wash it more often than a darker background might. With three sons, though, my washer runs pretty constantly, so this is a problem I can easily manage.

Thanks again to Mom Central and Infantino for the opportunity to review this product! Remember, you can always interact with Infantino on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter

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