Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raising Positive Kids

As a Christian mom, I strive to lead my children in a positive manner and reassure them that their Dad, grandparents, the Lord and I will always love them and be there for them. Sometimes, though, in this cruel and difficult world, that simply is not enough.

I've been very surprised and pleased to find that Pepperidge Farm has more than just raising money on their minds! They have started a very empowering website based on their goldfish crackers called Fishful Thinking. There, you will find not only articles and tips to help you work on positive characteristics to encourage in your child, but also a kid's site and a place to share your success with your children's attitude and outlook!

This world is tough. We have so many factors fighting against us in raising our, peer pressure, video games, sports, academic pressure....that it is easy to see why kids might not feel so sure of themselves. I know I struggled with feelings of inadequacy even in a home where I was encouraged, supported, and prayed for regularly. I try to do this for my boys as well, but I know that I am truly am FIGHTING against many forces, including negative forces beyond my control. If I can use the tools given to me not only by the Lord, but also any out there like Fishful Thinking to better equip me to encourage my children, I'll gladly do so!

So go check it out...give yourself and your kids a positive boost today!

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