Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bored with your current music? Check out Dion Roy!

I've recently been given the opportunity to listen to the music of a fantastic new independent artist named Dion Roy! I was very pleased by what I heard, and you gotta admit--he's easy on the eyes as well!

Here's a little bit about him from his website:
Dion Roy is an emerging artist on the indie music scene, fusing his electro-acoustic roots with his knack for writing an unforgettable pop/rock hook.

Born in Namibia, raised in South Africa, later raised in New Jersey and now a true New Yorker at heart, Roy has lived and breathed the downtown Lower East Side music landscape for the past 9 years.

The boy has been around! Now, he probably needs to get some tour dates and try out the South, don't ya think?!

As Roy points out in more detail on his bio, it is clear in listening to his music that comes from his soul. It is evident that his songs are based on real experiences. However, his sound is original and contains a definite edge. Truly, though, the thing that was most impressed upon me while listening to his recent debut album Gallery was honesty. This is not 'pre-packaged' stuff; if you're looking for something that hasn't been played to death, this is it!

From the soulful guitar on You Can't Take to the bittersweet melancholy on So It Goes, Roy draws you in with his different sound. Even so, I was reminded of some of the great musicians that he reminds me of on other tracks: I heard a sound that reminds me of the early Beatles on Won't Go On, a song that also showcases Roy's vocal range. Reconsider reminded me a bit of U2 with its syncopation.

What I like the best:
Though all the songs have their individual merit, I was most drawn to I'll Never Know. I found myself singing the chorus of this somewhat haunting tune later in the day. I also loved Wants It--that song is one that just made me say, "Oh, yeah....I've been there!" Here are the lyrics so you can see for yourself:

She said she wants it

just not from me

you can take it out

on the street

then when you fall down

I’d have to leave

you don’t think you know me

we finally agree


she said she wants it

just not from me

I feel the air between us tighten up and freeze

I know you’ll take it

so casually

your grace and pretty face no effect on me

you’ll leave without your clothes and walk with what you know

it’s enough to be afraid unwillingly

Dion Roy would LOVE for you to not only check out his music, but if you like it, he'd love for you to spread the word to others! You can find him several places on the 'net, including twitter, Myspace, YouTube, and Facebook. You can even purchase his music on iTunes!

Let me make it clear: You're gonna love Dion Roy! We're gonna hear more from this man, and I know he will only get better with time! Don't miss out on hearing this talented musician!


Dion Roy said...

Thanks so much for this review. You rock. I have posted it on my facebook and twitter!

Off to bed - flight to Seattle tomorrow for more gigs! 3 of em - its gonna be a LONG day....

Vardi said...

Great review Dion, love the fact that they posted lyrics too!