Friday, July 10, 2009

Review: The Momnificent Life

I have the pleasure of sharing a review today of a wonderful book called The Momnificent Life: Healthy and Balanced Living for Busy Moms. This is a wonderful resource for any mom who might be feeling run down, too busy to take care of herself, or just wants to make sure that she is giving all areas of her life the attention they deserve!

Check this out:

From the book:
Lori Radun is a certified life coach, accredited energy leadership coach, inspirational speaker and author of many personal and family development products. Aside from being a happy life coach and passionate entrepreneur, she is a proud mommy of two wonderful boys, and the wife of a very loving and supportive husband. She lives with her family in Aurora, Illinois.

It is obvious from the beginning of the book that Radun sincerely wants to do all she can to help others.
The introduction gives a short description of the eight components that Radun considers essential to living a momnificent life. She then leads you through examining your own life balance and satisfaction, and introduces her readers to The Wheel of Life. By analyzing each of the eight essential components, one can get a better picture of where she might be out of balance. The introduction then goes on to give specific tips on how to maintain this life balance, and begins to look at the reader’s values, priorities, and choices. The reader is also encouraged to identify some aspects of life that might be draining her of energy.

And this is only the introduction!

This brings me to what I like best about the book: it is divided into the eight components of the life wheel that the introduction helped one examine. Because of this, it isn’t necessary to read it straight through; you can pick a specific focus to start, or look for a topic that seems to fit best with what your life needs right now. Each chapter also includes an action assignment that can be used to reinforce the information presented.

Radun truly is the guide here; you will be learning from yourself! As a Christian, I appreciate that she shares her faith, but it is presented in such a way that persons of other belief systems would be able to incorporate their beliefs with her guidance.

This description offered from Mom Coach Press sums it up well:
…finally a life coach takes the time to mete out much needed direction to mothers in order to minimize mommy stress, identify and solve problems to begin living life as an adventure. By walking the talk, mothers begin teaching children about independence and responsibility—they are the first one’s to answer the call and open the door to create extraordinary families living extraordinary lives.

Radun also offers a comprehensive website describing her offerings ranging from individual coaching sessions to group conference topics and availabilities. Be sure to check out Momnificent University and the videos of Radun teaching about guilt!
There you can also sign up to receive Radun’s biweekly newsletter, and that also entitles you to 2 free useful reports: 155 Things Moms can Do to Raise Great Children and 52 Positive Affirmations for Moms.

For specific information about The Momnificient Life book, you can visit here! The book is available for purchase on,,, and

Thanks again for the opportunity to review this book!

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