Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You're gonna LOVE this man's voice!

Smooth. Chill.

These are just two words I can use to describe the lovliness that is Marcus Goldhaber's voice and sound. I have heard people use the phrase "fall into" in regards to music, but never truly understood what it meant--until now. I certainly could fall into the velvety smoothness that is Marcus Goldhaber's voice! This man has certainly cultivated his voice and fits perfectly into this niche, as his voice was made for jazz! He delivery is smooth and vibrant at the same time, if that may be possible!

This recording has it all....slow songs that make you swoon, quicker tunes that make you bop your head, and several in between! The listener starts out on the wild ride as soon as the CD starts: No Moon at All is a lovely story with great instruments throughout. I find myself drawn to lower notes as a contralto singer, so I particularly picked out the lovely resonating bass notes. Other notable songs are I Get Along with You Very Well, which reminds me of the classic song from Camelot, "If Ever I Would Leave You." Take Me is another favorite, with fabulous chord work played throughout, which perfectly accompanies Goldhaber's rich tenor.

I also love The Oeuvre of the In-Between !It is a song with very sexy syncopation, but I'll admit it--I had to look up the meaning of the word oeuvre! (For those of you who may be French-disabled like me, it means a substantial body of work of a writer, an artist, or a composer.

For those who prefer a faster paced song, you'll enjoy I Fall Apart and A Felony Called Love. These songs both have lovely syncopation and notable piano accompaniment as well. The ending song, When I Take My Sugar To Tea, is a perfect ending to a fantastic musical experience. In my opinion, this song is the audio embodiment of falling in love!

You will definitely be missing out if you choose not to listen to Marcus Goldhaber's wonderful CD, Take Me Anywhere. It is available for download both on Amazon and MySpace, and can be easily accessed from his website.

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