Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review: Infantino Anabel Karmel Products

We had the pleasure of reviewing several products during this phase of the Infantino Moms Review Program! Below you'll see impressions of some, with more to follow in an additional post!

Freeze & Fill Puree Pops: If you've ever frozen Kool-Aid in an ice tray, you have the basic premise of the Freeze & Fill Puree Pops in mind. This basically a high quality “freezer pop” tray with nice chunky handles. That by no means indicates it is not a great product, because it is! It has four pop trays and four handles. The quality of the product is excellent.
I tried these with apple puree. They work wonderfully. They are easy to fill and freeze. The product has a rubberized chunky handle that is easy for little fingers to hold. It is easy to clean as well. My son enjoyed slurping on his frozen treat without ever realizing it was good for him. The only downside is the portions are a little big for younger children.

Fresh Food Mill:
This is also an excellent product. The food mill is a plastic, roughly hourglass shaped, device with a plunger on one end and a handle similar to a pepper mill on the other. In the middle is a stainless steel grate with a metal propeller-type non-sharp blade that spins when you turn the handle. You put food into the bottom of the mill, insert the plunger, turn in over, and press down as you turn the handle. The food is pureed and any skins or other solids are removed. You end up with a smooth product that is and good as any commercial baby food. It works on cooked vegetables and soft foods like bananas. It is not good for juicy fruits and vegetables. I used a banana and cooked carrots in this product. Both worked wonderfully. The mill is easy to use. However, the handle gets in the way a bit removing the food. Also, it isn't easy to clean. You must clean it very soon after use. You can take it apart to clean, but it is difficult to put back together. Its best used with a sink of hot soapy water nearby and washed as soon as you use it.

Freeze Tray: One problem with making baby food is the time involved. Cooking, clean-up etc. The Freeze Tray eliminates much of this concern. The rubber “ice-tray” has a plastic lid. Both are high quality. The tray has deep compartments to fill with puree to freeze for later use. You can make you food on the weekend and freeze it for use during the week. I used the tray to freeze banana and carrots. Both worked well. The only problem is the shape of the compartments. If you fill them too full, the frozen product will not fit many containers and must be thawed before it is packed up for travel.

Stackable Food Pots: The Stackable Food Pots are baby safe (ie. BHP free)storage containers that can be used to store and transport homemade baby food. The pots are small square containers with matching lids. The pots and lids are designed to stack. You can put all of the pots together and top them with all of the lids so you always can find your lids. The pots otherwise work like high quality containers. Unfortunately, they will not hold frozen puree from the Freeze Tray unless you only fill the trays about half full due to difference in shape.

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