Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: Then Sings My Soul

I was recently given the opportunity to read the book Then Sings My Soul: Special Edition by the kind folks at Book Sneeze. Oh, how I have enjoyed it, and will continue to for years to come! This book gives a short description of either the basis for the beloved hymn or a devotion on the song. It also includes a scripture related to the song, and a copy of the hymn that can be easily played or sung.

I find it very interesting to read about the author of a favorite hymn or what was going on in his/her life or the world at the time of its writing. I think it makes the hymn even more real, and we are able to relate to it even better. I am especially enjoying reading about my favorite Christmas hymns!

I first saw this book when my husband's uncle was reading it about a month ago. It looked interesting to me, and I commented as such to him. So when I saw this book being offered through Book Sneeze, I jumped on the opportunity to review it! I think anyone who loves traditional hymns or church history would love this book as well.

Though I was given a copy of this book to review, all statements and opinions herein are my own.

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