Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Little Star by Anthony DeStefano

I recently received the book Little Star by Anthony DeStefano, and fell in love with it on the first reading. The story tells about stars learning that a king is soon to be born, and how they prepare themselves, hoping that each of them will be the chosen star to receive a special reward if it shined the brightest on the night the King was born. Little Star was sure he would not be the chosen one since he was so small, but he soon realized that this king, too was little. In fact, Little Star was the only star to understand the message that Jesus was bringing to Earth!

This book makes understandable to children the idea that Jesus chose to humble himself as a baby when He came to save us from our sins. It is simply yet beautifully illustrated, and the language is age-appropriate for a 2nd-3rd grade reader. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and am sure it will become a family favorite in years to come!

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